F. L. Series


Oxen with cart, Housedean Farm, near Falmer (1907 postmark)

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Series name used by an unknown publisher, apparently based in Lewes. The cards are attractive black and white real photographic cards marked "F.L. Series". Many are views of Lewes, for example the Barbican (July 1907 postmark seen), the Pells (September 1909 postmark), Lewes High Street, the Martyrs' Memorial and Paynes Mill (December 1908 postmark). Other cards cover neighbouring villages, for example Hamsey Old Church (December 1907 postmark seen), Southease Church, Piddinghoe Church, oxen with a cart at Falmer (October 1907 postmark) and oxen ploughing, again at Falmer (June 1908 postmark noted). This last card was re-published as a collotype by Mezzotint.

The F. L. Series was strangely short-lived and unbalanced in its choice of subjects. Why were so many churches included and TWO oxen cards? And who was the mystery publisher? Could he perhaps have been Arthur Cecil Fricker, a stationer, printer and lending library proprietor at 43 Lewes High Street? Fricker was in business in the 1890s and early 1900s, and must have sold postcards. Did he perhaps create the F.L. Series, the initials referring to Fricker's Library?

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