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Newhaven from Castle Hill

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New Dorset Street, Brighton. By late 1945 this firm was publishing sepia-tinted collotype cards of Seaford, printed in France. By 1947 the firm also started producing black and white real photographic cards of both Seaford and Newhaven, again printed in France. Of uncertain age are some real photographics of Eastbourne that were manufactured in Britain.

The photograph of Newhaven shown above with the cricket ground in the foreground and the port behind was taken after the London-Paris Hotel had been demolished in 1956, but before the development of the Marina in 1965.

Judging from the scarcity of surviving examples, the firm's cards did not sell particularly well. Production seems to have ended in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

The firm does not seem to be listed in post-war Brighton and Hove Directories.

The origins of the Graphic Photo Co. are shrouded in mystery. Les Waters, founder and and manager of, the invaluable website dedicated to pre-1940 Cambridgeshire photographers, has unearthed three declarations of copyright ownership now held in the National Archives that were made in 1906 and 1907 by Henry Etheridge Collett and Bertram Saward St Luke Puckle trading as The Graphic Photo Company at 21 Bride Lane, Ludgate Hill in London. The possibility cannot be excluded, however, that the Brighton and London firms shared the same name through accident or coincidence and were in reality unrelated.

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