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Palace Pier, Brighton (1928 postmark)

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This firm produced real photographic cards of Brighton and Rottingdean in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The cards are of good quality, but unremarkable in their choice of subjects. They do not seem to have sold particularly well, and are quite difficult to find today. The photographs have white borders and are sepia tinted. The printed captions are centralised in the border beneath the photographs. To the right of each caption are the words "Copyright L. Ltd.", while to the left is a serial number prefixed by "BN", which presumably stands for Brighton. The numbers suggest that as many as 50-60 cards may have been issued. Some cards are labelled "County Agency Series, Brighton" on the reverse.

L. Ltd. is listed here because it may possibly have been a Sussex publisher. There must be a strong suspicion, however, that the cards were the work of Lilywhite Ltd. of Halifax, who published cards of many English towns, including several in Sussex. For a short period Lilywhite also printed the Arrow Series cards. It became company practice to prefix the serial numbers of their cards with code letters based on the names of the places depicted, as with the L. Ltd. cards. As a general rule, however, they wrote the name Lilywhite out in full. The Rottingean and Brighton cards are therefore decidedly anomalous. Interestingly, Rottingdean is spelt "Rottingdene" on the cards, which suggests a non-local publisher. 1928, 1929 and 1931 postmarks have been seen.

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