S. C. & Co.


Meads Road & Town Hall, Eastbourne (1908 postmark)

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Unknown publisher of black and white and sepia-tinted real photographic cards of Eastbourne, Pevensey, Wilmington and Alfriston with neat white borders. The captions are printed in the border underneath each picture, together with the name "S. C. & Co." and a serial number. Numbers seen range from 39 to 123.

The cards were on sale by July 1905, possibly only for a few years. There can be no guarantee that the mystery publisher was a Sussex resident, though most probably he (or she) lived in Eastbourne. The sea seems to have been a particular attraction - there are at least two cards of fishing boats in the series as well as three of the Channel Fleet off Eastbourne. Several of the cards feature Eastbourne churches, for example St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, the Congregationalist Church in Pevensey Road, and Holy Trinity Church.

Design: Lucid Design