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Photographer, Terminus Buildings, Seaford. Stewart is listed in Kelly's 1922 Sussex Directory, but not in earlier or later Directories, nor in Pike's detailed Directories of Lewes, Newhaven and Seaford. Evidently he was in business at Seaford only for a brief period.

Stewart's real photographic cards are slightly smaller than normal size. They are generally stamped on the back "Photo by R. Stewart, facing station, Seaford", and sometimes his name is repeated on the front, in the corner of the photographs. John Robards has reported finding a card stamped on the back "R. Stewart, Terminus Emporium".

The black and white photographs are typically black bordered, which makes them look strangely funereal, though some cards with very narrow white borders are also known. No postmarks have been reported, but the cards can be assumed to date from about 1922.

The Terminus Emporium (also known as the Terminus Fancy Emporium) was set up by about 1904, and had a succession of proprietors. It closed in the late 1920s. In the years before the Great War it sold large numbers of Valentine's cards. In 1912 it was taken over by Ernest William Thornton. According to John Robards, the proprietor in 1922 was W. Wren, who sold cards supplied by R.A. Publishing of East London.

Further research is needed to determine where Reginald Stewart lived before moving to Seaford. Was he the R. Stewart, who briefly ran a photographic business at 23 Ship Street in Brighton in the years just before the First World War and printed the occasional photograph in postcard form?

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