R. Stringer


East Street, Chichester, looking towards the Market Cross

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Tobacconist, stationer and fancywarehouseman at 18 North Street, Chichester. Stringer established his business in about 1928 and continued until 1939 or later. By 1929 he was publishing good quality sepia real photographic cards of Chichester and district including West Dean House and Kingley Vale. The photographs have white borders and neatly handwritten captions positioned near the base of the photographs on the left or in the middle, while on the right the cards are usually labelled "Stringer. Chichester". On some cards the captions are written entirely in capitals; on others capitals are used only at the start of words. Two cards of the Stringer shop lack captions.

Almost certainly the cards that Stringer sold at his North Street shop were specially made for him by his fellow Cicestrian and postcard publisher George Henry Allen. The handwriting of the captions and the publisher labels closely matches that on Allen's own cards, though the photographs on the Stringer cards appear to be unique, and may have been specially taken by Allen on Stringer's instructions.

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