Herbert Field


After landing on Bognor beach on 26 May 1913, the Pashley brothers had trouble taking off. This Goodyer Studio card was issued by Herbert Field. Notice how the handwriting of the caption differs from that on earlier cards issued by Lionel Goodyer.

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Photographer, Bognor Regis. Field took over the Goodyer Studio at 33 High Street in Bognor in about 1913, after its founder Lionel Goodyer abruptly retired, presumably due to ill health. Field continued the publication of postcards under the name "Goodyer Studio" until probably the early 1920s. In addition to reprinting some of Goodyer's existing cards when stocks ran low, Field added new cards from time to time, for example a view of the Pashley brother's biplane being prepared for a difficult take-off from Bognor beach in May 1913 (see above). Following his predecessor's example, Field wrote the captions for his cards by hand (either directly on the negatives or on prints from which he then prepared new negatives), and his handwriting was immediately distinguishable from Goodyer's. At all times he favoured neat blocky capitals without descenders or other decorations, whereas Goodyer had preferred lower case with capitals only at the start of words. Field took care to end his captions with a full stop in contrast to Goodyer who left his open-ended.

Herbert Field is believed to have closed the Goodyer Studio at Bognor in the early 1920s. Kelly's 1924 Sussex Directory records that by then it and the adjacent premises had been converted into a restaurant.

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