Arthur Dunn


Cross roads, Goring-by-Sea (junction of Titnore Lane & Littlehampton Road)

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Photographer, Walton House, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing (listed in Directories from 1930 to 1938). Dunn published a range of sepia toned real photographic cards of Goring and neighbourhood. A 1922 postmark has been found. Some cards have borders around the photographs; others lack borders. The captions are sometimes printed and sometimes handwritten. The cards are labelled "Dunn" or "Arthur Dunn", usually in the bottom right corner. Several rather prosaic cards show the beach at Goring with its beach huts and sunbathers. More artistic are his cards of the beach in early morning light and at sunset. Like many other publishers, Dunn issued a card of Goring cross roads. He also photographed the picturesque Tolmere Pond in Long Furlong near Findon. Although most of his cards look very professional, a few are distinctly amateurish, for example a card entitled "Over the Downs, Findon".

During the late 1920s or early 1930s an anonymous publisher issued some photogravure cards of Worthing that are labelled on the back "Published for Arthur Dunn, Walton Art Studio, Goring-by-Sea". The cards have 5-digit serial numbers, and may possibly have been produced by Photochrom.

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