James Pirie Maclachlan


Chapel interior, possibly St Leonards Convent

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Photographer, and successor to Harry Seymour Cousens at 239 London Road, Hastings. Maclachlan bought the business by 1930. He does not seem to have produced any outdoor "view" cards, but did issue cards of church interiors, libraries etc. as well as studio portrait photographs in postcard form. The black and white photographs are embossed with his name.

Machlachlan lived with his wife, Christine May Maclachlan, over the studio. He was still in business in 1939, but he may have been forced to close during the war because of falling trade.

The death of a James P. Maclachlan was recorded at Barrow in Furness in Lancashire in 1942. He was aged 51. It seems likely that he was the former Hastings photographer, but inspection of the death certificate will be needed to help confirm his identity. In 1953 John M. Fennell was in charge of the former Maclachlan studio.

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