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James Pirie Maclachlan
Thomas Maides (Maides' Stores)
Laura Kate Malam & Son
Stanley Mann
A. E. Marchant
William Marchant
Sydney Ernest Marmery
Arthur Eustace Marriott
William Pankhurst Marsh
Marshall, Keene & Co.
Mason's Library (Lucy Mason) - see Walter Gardiner
Donald Massey
Arthur Wilson Massingham (Palace Book Depot)
William Norman & Eric Justin McCarthy (McCarthy Bros.)
Malcolm McNeille (McNeille & Co.)
Mercraed Series - see Ernest William Thornton
Edward Lionel Merrett
Mezzograph Co.
Mezzotint Co.
Milldene Studios
Frederick Douglas Miller
Edwin Mitchell
William & Flora Mitten
Isaac Mockford
Clifford Francis Money
John William Moore
Mora Ltd.
Percy Walter Morel
Arthur Henry Morey
Victor Emmanuel Morris
George Morris

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