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H. & W.
Albert Hales
Albert Edward Hall
James Hamilton
Percival Joseph Hammond
Rudolf & George Louis Handwerck
Harcourt Smith - see Smith, Harcourt
(Edwin) Arthur Harding
William Harding
Francis Gerald Harwood (Harwood & Co.)
Miss G. Hausser
Mrs Mabel Elizabeth Hayter
Arthur Frank Healey
Henry Thomas Healey
Archibald Douglas & Violet Constance Hellier (A. D. Hellier & Co.)
Sidney Hellier
Frederick Henty (F. Henty & Son)
John Sparks Heward
A. Hewitt & Co.
Arthur Hilder
Edward Walter Hilder
Frank Hilder
Joseph James Hill
Edward Hilton
S. H. Holland
Arthur Henry Homewood
Thomas Honywood (Family of)
Leonard Wiseman Horner
(Hector) Roy Hudson
A. and G. Hunter
J. Huntley
Hutchinson & Avery
Florence Amelia Hutchinson
George William John Robert Hutchinson

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