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P. P. Series
William Page (William Page & Co.)
William Page
Henry Wilfred Paine
Palace Book Depot - see A. W. Massingham
Palacette Studio
Ebenezer Pannell
Ebenezer William & Eva Pannell
Panoramic Photo Co. - see Roy Hudson
Frederick James Parsons (F. J. Parsons Ltd.)
George Parsons
Partridge & Co.
J. J. Payne
Peacehaven Series
George Pearson
William Weeks Pearson
William Martin Pelling
Arthur Robert Perry
Maria and Fanny Peskett
Mrs Martha Phillips - see Miss Helen Newbery
Photo Postcard Co. - see William Hutchinson
Pictorial Centre - see Rudolf & George Louis Handwerck
Picture Post Card Co.
W. T. Pike & Co.
Arthur Kingsley Pink
Potter's Photo Stores
Malcolm Powell
C. J. Praetorius
Press Photo Co. or P. P. Co. - see Edward Leonard Carr
Edwin Sidney Prior
John William Pulsford

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