Henry Wilfred Paine


Uncaptioned crowd scene, Worthing Town Hall

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Minor Worthing publisher, not mentioned by Geoffrey Godden in his book Collecting picture postcards (1996; Phillimore, Chichester), despite the book's strong focus on Worthing publishers. In 1910 Paine issued a series of cards showing crowds filling the streets of Worthing and groups of servicemen and civic dignatories making their way to Broadwater Church to attend a memorial service for King Edward VII. Some cards were neatly captioned in Indian ink; others were left uncaptioned. Most cards were borderless, but at least one example has been seen with narrow white borders. Nearly all the cards are hand stamped on the back "Published by H. W. Paine, Worthing".

Henry Wilfred Paine was the son of Walter and Catherine Paine of Worthing. Walter ran a printing and stationery business at 35 Montague Street for many years. The 1911 census records that Walter was then 70 years old and had been married for 40 years. Five children were still living with him, including Henry Wilfred, who was 27 and assisting him with the printing business. Another son, Reginald Paine, was piermaster at Worthing.

Presumably, Henry Wilfred Paine sold his cards at his father's shop. There is no evidence that he produced any general view cards.

The death of a Henry Wilfred Paine was registered at Brighton early in 1939. It seems highly probable that the deceased, who was 56 years old, was the former Worthing postcard publisher.

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