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C. H. - see A. D. Hellier & Co.
C. A. - see John Frank Chambers & Sons
C.C. - see Arthur Harry Charles Corder
C.C.T. - see Charles Clifford Towner
Carlton Series
Edward Leonard Carr
Heron Carr (& Thompson of Angmering)
Martyn Carstairs
Arthur James Carter
Arthur John Carter (Carter and Co.)
Carter Bros.
Richard William Cartwright (Cartwright & Co.)
Centurion Series - see Francis Gerald Harwood
John Frank Chambers & Son
Mrs F. M. Chandler
Archibald Vernon Chapman
George Chapman
Harry George Chapman
Chart & Co.
James Cheetham
E. & L. Chell
Archibald Cheshire (Cheshire & Mighell)
Eric Dennant Cheshire
Chichester Photographic Services Ltd.
Wallace Randolph Chisholm
Churchill Studio & Photo Supplies Stores
Clark, Uriah & Nephew Ltd. (Dicker Pottery)
Charles Clarke
Classic Photo Co. - see Percival Joseph Hammond
Arthur George Colbourne
Percy Coleman
Collograph Co.
Samuel Combridge & Charles Frederick Cook
Combridge's Library, Hove - see Samuel Combridge & Charles F. Cook
Harold Thomas Connold
D. Constance Ltd.
Frederick Charles Cooper
Fred Coppard
Louis Nicholas Corden
Arthur Harry Charles Corder
County Agency Series - see L. Ltd.
Harry Seymour Cousens (Seymour-Cousens)
Tom Croft
H. Cross "Medal" Series
William Fearne Crowther
Angus Norman Croyle

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