Eric Dennant Cheshire


Cooden Drive, Cooden, in the trolleybus era

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Cooden Beach Studio, Sea Road, Cooden, Bexhill. Listed in Kelly's and Pike's 1930 Directories, but not in earlier editions. Cheshire published real photographic cards of Cooden with "E. D. Cheshire, Cooden Beach Studio, Bexhill" printed on the back. Most of the cards are sepia toned with captions in facsimile handwriting at the bottom left of the photographs and "E. D. Cheshire, Cooden Beach" in the same writing at the bottom right (echoing the information printed on the card backs). A black and white real photographic card of Oat Street Chapel is dated 1932.

Cheshire does not seem to have lived in Cooden for very long. Kelly's 1938 Sussex Directory makes no mention of him. Born on April 20, 1891 near Kings Norton in Worcestershire, he was the son of William Cheshire and Ada M. Cheshire, who both came from Islington in London. William was the manager of a Worcestershire gas meter factory. When the 1911 census was held, 19-year-old Eric was a student and gas engineer living in Burford Road in Evesham. Why he took up photography and moved to the Sussex coast is not known. He died in Hertfordshire in 1972.

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