A. and G. Hunter


Old fig gardens, South Street, Tarring. Still open to the public once a year, but greatly reduced in extent

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Postcard publishers, Brighton. This mystery firm issued halftone cards of Brighton and Worthing, including Tarring and Broadwater. Many of the cards are blue tinted or grey bluish green, but others are a strange reddish pink or much more rarely conventional black and white. The earliest postmarks noted are from the summer of 1905. The cards, which are labelled "A & G Hunter, Brighton" on the reverse, are surprisingly difficult to find though they are of rather indifferent quality and tend to be spurned by collectors.

A. & G. Hunter have not yet been firmly identified, and may have been only very briefly in business in Brighton. No photographers or printers of this name are listed in Sussex and Brighton Directories. In the early years of the last century an Archibald Hunter ran a chemist's shop in London Road in Brighton and an Alfred Hunter was a ticket writer living in Viaduct Road, but as far as is known neither had a brother or other family member whose initial was G. An Ada and George Hunter (sister and brother) lived in East Brighton, where George was a grocer's manager, but they seem to have left the area by 1911.

Although A & G Hunter can be assumed to have published the cards that bear their name, they almost certainly commissioned them from some as yet unidentified manufacturer. This manufacturer was seemingly not short of orders as the Worthing cards are labelled "Series 1106", and their Brighton counterparts are labelled "Series 1089".

If anyone knows anything more about A. & G. Hunter and can add to this all too brief account, please contact this website.

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