A. E. Marchant


Seaford Head and the Seven Sisters

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Wholesale newsagent, Seaford. Pike's Lewes, Seaford and Newhaven Directory for 1951-2 gives his address as Homeleigh, Warwick Road, Seaford. Marchant was active as a publisher of colour cards of south-central Sussex in the 1960s and 1970s. His aerial view of Newhaven Harbour includes the car ferry terminal (opened 1964) and the west side yachting marina (begun 1965). Another fine card shows Seaford Head and the Seven Sisters from the air. Also memorable is a card showing rough seas pounding Seaford Beach before it was artificially recharged in 1987. The salt spray is drifting over a line of early 1960s cars. Three aerial views of the University of Sussex at Falmer date from the mid 1970s or later.

Some Marchant cards were colour printed by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd. of Scarborough, and were so labelled. It is possible that Dennis did all the printing, but mostly anonymously. The cards vary in size. The largest have captions printed in white borders below the pictures, the smallest lack borders and have captions printed on the reverse.

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