B. C.


High Street, Crawley (near the junction with Peglar Way). This area has now developed out of all recognition

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Unidentified publisher of about 10 or 12 black and white real photographic cards of Crawley. The photographs have white borders and captions written in plain, blocky capitals, with the initials "B. C " in the bottom right corner. A 1927 postmark has been seen.

There can be no certainty that the mystery publisher lived in the Crawley area. The importance of not jumping to conclusions is demonstrated by another series of black and white real photographic cards of Crawley dating from the early 1920s that have a somewhat similar appearance. The captions are written on transparent slips and the cards have serial numbers prefixed by a "K", followed by a long gap (e.g. "K 64"). The cards, which are nearly all anonymous, look as if they might be the work of a local publisher, yet this was not the case as at least one example has come to light labelled somewhat bizarrely: "Keystone Series, M.G.M. London SE"!

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