Cocking village, looking south past the junction with Bell Lane

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Chichester. Black and white real photographic cards are occasionally seen marked "Bridle. Photo. Chichester" on the front. The cards depict places in and around the South Downs, such as Cocking and East Dean, but not as far as is known, Chichester itself. A 1914 postmark has been reported. The photographs lack borders and the captions are written in small, plain capitals. Some cards have become badly spotted as a result of poor developing.

Directories and Electoral Registers list several Cicastrian Bridles. The most likely publisher of the cards is William Charles Bridle, a boot maker at 33 East Street. In 1918 he was living with his wife, Alice, at 28 Caledonian Road, but still running the shop in East Street. K. Green in his book, Chichester remembered, a pictorial past (1989, Ensign, Southampton) reproduces a photograph of William Bridle standing outside his shop. Other possible publishers of the cards were Arthur Bridle, a decorator in Highland Road (listed in Kelly's 1909 Sussex Directory) and George Bridle, who in 1918 lived with his wife, Ada Caroline, at 8 Washington Street.

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