This website could not have been created without the assistance of a great many people, who have kindly contributed information and most generously allowed access to their postcard collections. Special thanks go to: Jill Allen, Peter Allen (Three Bridges), Peter Allibone (Haywards Heath), David Almasi-Tucknott, Derek Austin (Brisbane), Gillian and Paul Bamford, Roger Bateman (Shoreham), Alan Barwick (Henfield), Peter Booth (Brighton), Colin Boylett (Etchingham), Dr John Bradley, Angela Bromley-Martin (Bosham), Michael Brooks, Maggie Costen, Vivien Chandler, Brian Clay (High Salvington), Anthony Le Couteur (Bath), John Davey (Haywards Heath), Ben Dunk (California), Douglas d'Enno (Saltdean), Peter Duncan (Lindfield), John Eastlake (Seaford), Mrs Eileen Finch (Seaford), Ben Franks (Seaford), Wendy Fraser (Kent), Paul Green (Hampden Park), Brian Gregory (Uckfield), Nick Gribble, Mick Hall, Leo Hare (Hurst Green), Andrew Harrison, Wendy Harvey, Chris Hills, Christine Hounsome, Peter Howell (Seaford), John Hurd, Colin Inman (Wadhurst), Ron Kemp (Kent), David Kibble (Lewes), Rita Lait, Adrian Lavender, Linda Lavender, Noreen Lavender, Brian Lawes (Hastings), Joseph Leckey (Northern Ireland), Michael Leppard (East Grinstead), Andrew Lusted (Glynde), Mrs Renee Marriott (Hove), Dave Monk, Susan Morgan, David Parker (Leeds), Colin Perry, Mike Pettigrew (Winchester), the late Desmond Puttick (Eastbourne), Philip Richards, Marilyn Saklatvala (Hastings), David Schenck, Brian Silver (Hindhead), Alan Spree, Michael Staines, Ron Stilwell, Bev and Mary Taylor (Rustington), Mike Travers (Calgary), Doug Walton (Australia), Tony McKendrick-Warden (Worthing), John Robards (Ilminster), Marcel Safier (Queensland), Michael Staines (Herefordshire), Frazer Visser (East Grinstead), Les Waters, George Webber (Guernsey), Colin Wood (formerly Crawley Down), Brian Willan, Julia Winckler (University of Brighton), Tim Winter (Haslemere), John Woodall and Stephen Zaleski (Nottingham).

Mrs Betty Collins (Portslade) and the late Mrs Pamela Buttress (Hove) have provided valuable and detailed information about Albert and Edward Banks of Hove. The portraits of these two publishers are reproduced by permission of Mrs Collins and Sue Poore, daughter of Mrs Buttress. The portraits of Herbert and Emily Vieler have been generously made available by Barbara Drew of Addlestone, Surrey. The late George Richard Gouldsmith, his late wife Barbara and daughter Valerie have very kindly shared their memories of Stafford Gouldsmith and his postcard publishing career. Grateful thanks are also due to Derek Plante (New South Wales) and Allan Armstrong (Edinburgh) for supplying the portraits of Martha Madge Smith and her second husband, George Louis Handwerck. They have in addition provided much useful biographical information about George's brother, Rudolf Handwerck. Sigrid Kopperschmidt (Hamburg) has kindly supplied additional narrative and photographs.

It is also a pleasure to acknowledge the assistance of Robert Jeeves of Step Back in Time (Brighton), who has responded most generously to requests for the loan of postcards and photographic prints. Peter Booth (Withdean) has been a tireless and meticulous proof reader, but is not of course responsible for any typing errors and inconsistencies that remain. Adrian Vieler (Henfield) has spent considerable amounts of time sifting through archival records and has been of invaluable help in uncovering the family backgrounds of some of the more difficult-to-research publishers. The late Mike Green of Barcombe also provided constant support and encouragement, and without his help much less information would have been gathered about Sussex publishers. Indeed, it is likely that the project would have quickly foundered in its early stages. His continuing support since the launch of the website is much appreciated.

Particular thanks are due to Lucy Williams for designing the website and to Gareth Williams for much needed technical assistance and advice in setting it up. Both members of my family have been very generous with their time and expertise, as will be apparent to all site users. My late wife, Elizabeth Williams, provided much needed moral support, for which I am deeply grateful.

Finally, although every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders of the photographs that are reproduced on this website, sincere apologies are offered to anyone who may have been accidentally overlooked.

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