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Telephone lines at Haywards Heath wrecked by a violent storm in January 1908. Card published by Harry Tullett.

The information provided by this website constitutes research in progress. Despite efforts to secure uniformity of treatment, some publishers are much better documented than others. This reflects the incomplete nature of many archival sources and the practical difficulties of making full use of these sources. As explained in the section on problematic publishers, some ultra-small publishers, anonymous publishers, and publishers selling through a single shop have undoubtedly been missed. If you have any additional information on Sussex postcards and their publishers that you would like to see added to this website, please do get in touch. Likewise, if you find any typing mistakes or factual errors, it would be most helpful if you would send in details. Please email me at I am particularly eager to hear from relatives of Sussex postcard publishers.

Rendel Williams
December 28, 2013

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